Shopping in Santa marta

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While Santa Marta is mainly known for its beaches, another reason to visit would be to experience the Santa Marta Shopping sectors. You could find a lot of pleasure perusing the streets and alleyways looking for that special bargain. One interesting aspect of shopping here is that the crafters use their own style to create all kinds of items. You will have the experience of your life haggling with vendors over their wares; each trip to the market is a different experience.

In the Downtown Area

As you walk around the downtown area there are a large number of shops which have all sorts of merchandise for sale. You can find an assortment of handicrafts that display the creativity of the crafters. Interesting jewelry made in necklaces, wrist bands and rings are on display and ready to be sold. Leather goods are a major seller and there are all styles of pocket books, shoes, vests and other handiwork at stalls set up by families.

Santa Marta is a place that is known for small family businesses rather than the large outlets in major cities. You can bet that bargaining for an item you want is the norm here, opting for an interesting experience each time you purchase something. If you're into items that are unusually, made this is the place to be. One of the local favorites is Vestigos. They make their t-shirts and other crafts by replicating petroglyphs, pottery and artwork that honors Mother Earth. You will find that most shops here run with a regular theme for the merchandise they sell.

In El Rodadero

El Rodadero is a sector of Santa Marta that is located just west of the main downtown area. This region of the city is a place you want to visit to make your shopping here complete. The amount of vendors and shops here exceed even that which is in the downtown district. A special alley that has 47 family shops is famously nicknamed Callyon de los Jipis, or Hippy Alley. Once again, the families here create their own wares. The interesting part of this alley is the diverse materials used. You can find items crafted from bamboo all the way up to expensive emeralds. It really is a sight to see. Your best bet is to buy during the heavily trafficked tourist season. This sector only trades in Columbian pesos.  

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