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Santa Marta: One of the First Cities of Colombia

When visiting Santa Marta, you will visit one of the cities in Colombia with the richest history and culture because it is one of the first three cities that were founded. As with any South American city, some Santa Marta Practical Information will not only make your stay more enjoyable but will also allow you to save both time and money. Here are some tips.

City of Football Players

While many inhabitants of cities in Colombia may claim that they are the best football fans, nobody can beat the claim to fame of Santa Marta. The most well-known Colombian football player of all time, Carlos Valderrama (easy to spot because of his gigantic afro-like mane) was born on Santa Marta. On top of that, Santa Marta is also the hometown of the Union Magdalena (nicknamed 'El Ciclon Bananero'), which often performs well in the Colombian football league.

Saving Money with Hostelling International

It is a good idea to apply for the Hostelling International membership card before leaving for your trip to Colombia, because it will give you access to several discounts at bars, restaurants and retailers not only in Santa Marta but in all of Colombia and the rest of South America. You must apply for a membership card at your local office of Hostelling International because application within Colombia is limited to locals and foreign exchange students with current student IDs. Also, having a membership card will give you access to the lowest rate at the Hostel Divanga in Santa Marta, located on Calle 12 No. 4-07.

Visiting Taganga

One great short-trip idea is a visit to the nearby fishing village of Taganga, which has a well-developed hostel industry. There are many water sport possibilities at Taganga such as snorkeling, scuba diving and spear fishing. Taganga is just a short five- mile (8 km) trip, which can be done by bicycle. However, be aware that there are several hills on the way there. If biking is not an option, you can always grab a small bus that leaves every hour from Santa Marta (cost is 1,000 Colombian pesos, last bus leaves at 9:00 p.m. daily) or grab a taxi (cost is 7,000 Colombian pesos). While in Taganga you will also have the option to book a guided tour to the Tayrona National Park or to the "Lost City." Please keep in mind that a trip to the "Lost City" should only be attempted with a local guide and only if you're fit for it because the terrain is quite dangerous.


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