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The most common forms of Santa Marta nightlife include bars, pubs and nightclubs--many of which do not get going until midnight! Santa Marta is tropical, so you can visit at any time. If you really want to go crazy partying, then visit the city during Carnival. This is the climax of the nightlife scene. There are fewer tourists in town during this time, so you will meet more locals frequenting the bars and clubs.

Most drinks are very cheap in Santa Marta. The drink of choice here is beer, but when it is very hot in the summer, you should always bring some water with you to make sure you don't get dehydrated.

Bars on the Beach

If you want to see what's out there, then take a trip down the beach, which is lined with clubs and bars. A very fun rock-and-roll bar is Crab’s bar. Each evening, you can view videos of favorite classic rock bands at this bar.

The bar at La Puerta offers Spanish wine, French wine, domestic beers, and imported beers. The music ranges from rock to Latin jazz, and many of the patrons are writers and artists. There are several rooms here, and a bit of dancing each evening. The Bohemian hotspot of the city is at Burundun. This establishment is a unique combination of bar, restaurant and antique shop. On the weekends it plays Cuban music. This place is only open late on Saturdays.

Open-Air Dancing

Most of the dance clubs have an open-air floor, as the weather is always great.  If you have never been to an open-air club, then you should take advantage of this opportunity. The main place for dancing is around the Parque de los Novios. Mango’s is a famous dance club, and Comodoro has two different dance floors, one playing mixed music and the other electronica. Two other options include Maria Mucana and Distrito.

The Party Bus

If you need transportation, hop on the Chiva bus, a party bus. There is always music playing, and sometimes even a live band, on the bus. It will take you to whatever bar or club you want. This is a traditional bus that has no doors and is brightly colored.  Make sure you have your bottle of aguardiente ("firewater") and a sombrero to start your night off right.

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Calle 18 and 17

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On this street, between carrera 2 and 4 is where the main scene is.

Nightclubs mostly play local vibes but world music is coming up also.

Names of clubs:

El Reto
Barrio Samario

and there are more, also closeby this area

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address:17 minker pl

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