Festivals in Santa marta

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When traveling in Colombia, the city of Santa Marta is a must on any travel itinerary. In addition to the beautiful beaches, national parks and monuments, and exciting nightlife, Santa Marta boasts several world famous festivals thought the year. Santa Marta festivals are popular for bringing excitement and joy to everyone who attends, and promise an experience never to be forgotten.

Las Fiestas del Mar

The Festival of the Sea, known in Santa Marta as Las Fiestas del Mar, occurs every year in August. This festival is one of Santa Marta's biggest, with several main attractions for the traveler and local alike. One of the favorite events that takes place during Las Fiestas del Mar is the exciting Jet Ski show, put on by the Santa Marta Esqui. Along with this thrilling event, there are several parades, the Queen of the Sea beauty pageant and countless parties. The streets are also filled with music, giving even more spirit to this already exhilarating festival! The festival even has its own slogan: "Santa Marta, la magia de tenerlo todo", or "Santa Marta, the magic of having it all!"

Santa Marta Festival of the Cumbia

Another popular Santa Marta festival is the Festival of the Cumbia. This is a music and folk dance festival. Cumbia is a Colombian style of both music and dance. Originally a courtship dance performed by slaves, it was later mixed with several different musical styles and instruments. The festival celebrates Colombia's independence from Spain and is an interesting mix of cultural history and celebration. The Festival of Cumbia occurs every year in June, and includes dances, musical events and contests.

Cayman Festivals

The Cayman Festivals are also popular, and occur during December and January. These Santa Marta festivals celebrate the rich folkloric history of Colombia. The Feast of the Caiman occurs every year on January 20, honoring La Historia de Tomasita, a popular legend in Colombia.

Planning for Santa Marta Festivals

With so many festivals occurring throughout the year it is always a good time to travel to Santa Marta, Colombia. The pride and celebration demonstrated during Santa Marta festivals make this an inviting vacation destination. The festivals make traveling to Santa Marta an unforgettable experience that should not be missed. When booking a vacation to Santa Marta, Colombia, it is a good idea to find out the exact dates of these exciting festivals to ensure the fullest tourist experience. It may be necessary to book your accommodations in advance, as these events are very popular.

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