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Accommodation in Santa marta

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Santa Marta’s proximity to the Caribbean Sea makes it a major tourist attraction. Hence, there are several Santa Marta hotels to be found here. Known for lazy, sunny days, never-ending stretches of sand, and of course the local favorite rum, Santa Marta is becoming a must-visit place on every traveler’s list. Below are some recommended accommodations found in Santa Marta.

Zuana Beach Resort

The beautiful Zuana Beach Resort is known for its cleanliness, good food, and friendly staff. Each room is air-conditioned, and comes with a telephone, satellite TV and coffee maker. The resort is very child-friendly, and all of its public areas are accessible to wheelchairs. Room rates vary from $100-600, depending on the type of room chosen.

Decameron Santa Marta

Located in the foothills of the grand Sierra Nevadas, Decameron Santa Marta is an all-inclusive hotel that offers many facilities including a restaurant, bar, gift shop and laundry service. Each room (starting at $80) offers a private bathroom, air conditioning, and a television. The hotel serves unlimited Colombian favorites like hotdogs and hamburgers. Plus, all drinks and cigarettes are included in the price of the room ! Decameron Santa Marta also organizes night shows that include Salsa nights, and the lively in-house nightclub La Cueva gives tourists even more of a reason to stay here.

La Sierra

This high-rise beachside resort is located opposite El Rodadero Beach, and is known for its economical package deals that include breakfast and dinner. The hotel’s rooms, all of which have an attached balcony or terrace, offer an abundance of amenities like air conditioning, a free newspaper service, refridgerators, telephones, televisions, safes, and mini bars. Rates start at $90 for La Sierra.

Santorini Hotel

Santorini Hotel comprises a resort, multiple villas and apartments, and a boutique hotel. Besides offering a quiet and peaceful retreat for tourists, it is also set in a beautiful beachside location. Modern amenities abound in the rooms, and the gourmet restaurant, sushi bar, coffee shop, and bar present great food and drinks. Here room rates start at around $175.

Aluna Casa y Café

This new hotel was designed like a 1920s Spanish villa, thus offering a very rustic experience to visitors. A double bed room is priced well, at $32 per night. The resort’s amenities include free Internet access, luggage storage, currency exchange, and a well stocked bathroom, but there is currently no breakfast available here.

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Santa Marta Guide

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Discover where to stay and what to do in Santa Marta.

type:Middle Class
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Hotel Sun City

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The ultimate alternative to the legendary Miramar:

Guesthouse offering great accomodation at affordable price. 
Safe, clean and very friendly.
Located in the historical center, 2 blocks (5 Min walking) from
the beach, next to nightlife.

See website for booking and more info.


type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:57 54 211 925
CostOfDoubleForANight:10 USD per night per person
address:calle 18-3 Nr 28