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paseo de la playa

paseo de la playa

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This Santa Marta Travel Guide is a basic information map that gives you a general idea of what this interesting city has to offer. Since Santa Marta is the capital of the Magdalena Department, the city serves as a major maritime port and is the center for tourism, culture and local history. In the recent years the population has escalated and tourism has greatly increased. Many tourists have found it a special haven to spend their vacation trip.


Throughout the year the city has a tropical climate that makes it on the high scale for its temperature. The lowest temperature of any day in the year is around 70 degrees and the highest around 98 degrees. Rainfall is greatest in September and October, with just a bit less during June and July. December through April provides the least number of rain days. One nice aspect of the climate here is the cool coastal breezes at night.


This city attracts a large amount of Western and European visitors and the city makes available many events here in Santa Marta that people can enjoy. For instance the cathedral, the first Spanish-American church is located here. It is also where Simon Bolivar the Liberator is entombed. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the pale sands and rolling warm waters fit for soothing and relaxing the body. But one of the most attractive sports here is scuba diving. The area is known world-wide for its coral reefs and caves just waiting to be explored. 

Places to Stay

Since there is a huge number of tourists who come here it is only understandable that there will be a large number of hotels available. So you can choose from the highly luxurious hotels like the Zuana Beach Resort or the Hotel Irotama, which will meet your every need. Good mid-range hotels are Hotel Canaveral and Hotel Tamaca. Santa Marta also provides a lot of budget hotels that are very friendly and clean. Examples are Hotel La Sierra and Hotel Palma Blanca.

Transportation in the City

The most economic means of getting around will be by using a taxi, unless the hotel where you are staying has a shuttle service. Most high-end hotels always do. Taxi rides start at 3500 pesos and can go up to 20,000 pesos, depending on the length of the ride. It is always best to negotiate the fare. If you rent a vehicle it is a bit more expensive and it could be very complicated knowing where to go.


You shouldn’t miss Santa Marta. There are so many reasons to come here: to relax, because the area has great beaches, to visit the oldest town of Colombia (founded in 1525!) or to explore the ancient culture of the Tayronas, who lived in the area before the Spanish came. The Ciudad Perdida or lost city of the Tayronas can be visited in a 5 day trek through a national park. This will be an experience you will never forget.

Santa Marta is also a very lively place with good nightlife. The clubs near the beach attract a colourful crowd.

Santa Marta is relatively secure. Crime rates are low and its streets are clean.

El Rodadero is the main touristic area. A place full of high-rises, shops, and cafés. The Annual Festival del Mar, or Festival of The Sea, brings many people.   

Also, be sure to visit the Tomb of Simon Bolivar, El Libertador, alongside a wonderful art museum.


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