When to Go in San Andres

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When planning your vacation to San Andres, when to go is the most useful information you can have. Knowing ahead of time when the best time to go is helps you plan the perfect vacation, with a minimum amount of surprises. San Andres is an island located in Columbia that offers you the chance to participate in a variety of water sports. Going to the island during the wrong time of the year can prevent you from fully enjoying everything San Andres has to offer.

Best Months to Visit

From the end of December to the end of April is the best time to visit San Andres, but be prepared for large crowds. Most people prefer to visit during this time because the chance of rain is minimal and hurricane season hasn’t started yet. December, January and April are the busiest months to visit in terms of the crowds, and you need to be prepared for higher hotel rates and flight prices.

Worst Months to Visit

The temperatures in San Andres are great all year long, but despite the wonderful yearlong temperatures, you will want to avoid San Andres during hurricane season. Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until late September, but starting as early as June, you will notice a change in the weather. Starting around June, there will be more showers, which seem to appear out of nowhere, but the winds will also pick up rapidly. Hurricane season usually lasts until the beginning of December.

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