Shopping in San Andres

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Besides the warm, pristine waters, sandy beaches and enticing nightlife, there are some great San Andres shopping spots that no tourist should miss when visiting this exciting Caribbean island. San Andres offers its guests duty-free shopping in most of its stores, shops and boutiques, as well as some of the most competitive prices in the region. So, read on to find a few stores you should visit.

Almacen Uni2

This breath-taking shop is located on one of San Andres’ busiest streets and offers products that come from all corners of the world. Goods from places like Japan, Cuba, Italy, Switzerland, Pakistan, Egypt and others can be found at the Almacen Uni2. The shop also offers everything from samurai swords to fine clothes plus true San Andres hospitality.

Colombia Emerald House

The finest show of the country’s precious stone is found at Colombia Emerald House. At incredibly affordable prices, this store allows visitors to admire beautiful emeralds in all shapes and sizes and as parts of earrings, rings and necklaces. Colombia Emerald House’s showroom is located in one of the busiest districts of San Andres and is therefore close to other important shops and boutiques that guests can enjoy.

Centro Comercial Unisanandres

The island’s largest shopping mall, the Centro Comercial Unisanandres offers tourists and locals hundreds of stores that sell everything from fine clothes and lingerie to perfumes to electrical appliances. Almost every store in this shopping mall also offers guests competitive prices found only in duty-free areas. And, like other huge shopping centers, the Centro Comercial has its own food court with the best of local cuisine and international food chains.

Almacen President

With over 35 years in the shopping business, Almacen President is one of the best places to go when searching for the finest clothing. With separate stores form men, women and children, Almacen President offers thousands of items from the top brands including clothes, footwear and accessories form the whole family. Plus, the store also has an online catalog showcasing its best products for purchase on the web.

Importaciones JR

This successful chain of variety stores is one of the island’s most popular. Importaciones JR offers a wide range of products from clothes to health supplements, perfumes, food and liquor. It has four different shops on San Andres Island and attracts thousands of tourists with its competitive prices and friendly service.

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