Nightlife and Entertainment in San Andres

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The San Andres Nightlife is as varied as its people. San Andres is an island that was first settled by English pilgrims. The population is black, Latin and some of them are mixed. There are different night clubs that play Latin, flavors and even reggae music.

The Melon Kiss

This is a club that is part of the Sunrise Beach Hotel. The crowd is mostly made up of tourists and people seeking a good time. The music varies every day, but the music of this club seems to mostly be electronic. People love to dance the night away to the sound of the drums and bass. There are multicolored lights that add to the mood when people are dancing. There are also big screen televisions where people can watch music videos and sporting events. The Melon Kiss address is Avenida Francisco Newball No. 4-169.

Discoteca Extasis

Some people say that the best of San Andres nightlife happens at Discoteca Extasis. There are live performances and dances. There are three halls that make up the night club, and the overall capacity is 800 people. There are different audio visual effects to give the tourists a better dancing experience. This nightclub is located on Avenida Las Americas Number 1B-25.

Kellae's Reggae Bar

The bar is a short five minute walk from the beach. It only plays reggae music and dance hall. This is a good place to mingle with the local population, have a nice drink and immerse yourself in the repetitive beats of reggae music. The atmosphere is quiet and things usually pick up around 2 a.m.

Zheng's Cafe Galleria

This coffee house serves different kinds of juices. There are also hot drinks and coffee. They play country music, reggae, salsa and pop. This cafe also doubles as a gallery where local artists can exhibit their art without paying money. The address of Zheng's Cafe Galleria is Avenida 20 de Julio.

Blue Deep

This is one of the most famous discotheques in the San Andres nightlife scene. This nightclub is made up of three different bars and two dance floors. There are different laser light shows that accompany the mind blowing sounds and the rhythm of the music. Many different contests are held where locals are tourists show off their best Dance Hall music moves. Deep Blue's address is Avenida Francisco Newball 4-169.

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