Getting Around in San Andres

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Transportation in Beach Destinations in Northern Colombia

The islands of San Andres and Providencia comprise a popular island chain in Northern Colombia. It is a popular tourist destination for Central Americans and for North and South Americans because of its beautiful location in the Caribbean Sea. There are several options for San Andres transportation once you arrive.

Getting Around by Plane

Traveling by plane is the most efficient way to get around the islands, especially if you do not have many days available for your vacation in Colombia. The Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport, also known as Sesquicentenario International Airport, is located on the San Andres Island. It offers daily flights to and from the nearby Providencia Island. Even though this airport houses several airlines, only SATENA offers flights to Providencia Island.

Getting Around by Bus

Once you're in your desired island, bus is the main form of transportation within the island. On San Andres Island, there are several bus companies which offer hourly trips from the main city of San Andres to any part of the island. When riding the bus, make sure not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself by carrying large amounts of cash, wearing expensive jewelry or carrying expensive photo or video equipment.

Other Forms of Getting Around

It is possible to rent a car on either island; however if you're just staying for only a of couple days and only within one island, it might not be such a good idea. Instead, you can take a cab for long distances and rent a motorcycle, moped or bike for short distances.

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