Festivals in San Andres

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Check out the Vibrant Festivals of San Andres

Located about 700 kilometers north-west of Columbia’s Caribbean Coast, San Andres is an archipelagic destination that is not only lauded for its intriguing attractions, which include a stunning turquoise sea, extraordinary landscapes, amazing shopping sites, intoxicating nightlife, and sumptuous gastronomy, but also for the vibrant San Andres festivals. Discussed below are some of the most popular festivals in San Andres.

Green Moon Festival

This is perhaps the most unique of all the festivals that is celebrated in Columbia. It falls in September every year and is a depiction of Caribbean culture as well as the history of the place during the English colonization. A parade with drums and unique choreography is among the highlights of this festival.

Coconut Festival

If you are in San Andres in November, then don’t miss Coconut Carnival that is celebrated from the 27th to the 30th of November. This festival marks the birthday of the island. The focal point of the festival is a beauty pageant show in which beautiful women from across the region participate.    

Ethnic Roots International Theater Festival

A biannual event – Ethnic Roots International Theater Festival is an interesting festival that sheds light on the customs and traditions of this interesting city.

Apart from the aforesaid, San Andres is home to a number of other exciting festivals and events in the form of a Religious Choir festival, Día de la Raza, Anniversary Feasts, San Andrés Patron Feasts, and the Tub and Horse Jawbone Festival, each with its own significance as well as specialties. In short, San Andres has a lot to keep a traveler busy during his stay.

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