Day Trips in San Andres

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San Andres day trips are recommended for exploring San Andres and its nearby locations. San Andres is a typical Caribbean Island, complete with sandy beaches and crystalline waters. However, unlike some of the other Caribbean islands, it has managed to stay away from excessive commercialization. This is perhaps why San Andres is the preferred destination for travelers seeking tranquility. People planning San Andres day trips should consider the following:

Jeep Tours

There are no known alternatives to traveling in jeeps to reach the fault lines. This is because none of the other modes of transportation can sustain the rough terrains surrounding San Andres Fault. This location is essentially an eco-tourism spot and nearly 900 acres of land have been marked as the preservation range. People undertaking the Jeep Tour get to spend the entire day exploring the diverse animals and plants found here. Further, there are guided tours to understand the formation of the San Andres fault-lines and the history of earthquakes in this part of Colombia. The tour also includes visiting a few oasis, rocky canyons and a recently-excavated fossil-bed.

Combine Aquario & Mantaray Day Trips

Aquario, or the Aquarium, is an unusual, marine-themed tour. The participants are led to a secluded island. Here, they can spend some time fishing or observing the unique, regional fishes. Strangely, there isn't much help in terms of snorkeling or diving instructors. Hence, this trip is more suited to those who are versed with the basics of aqua-sports. A much better alternative is to spend just a few hours at the Aquario and then proceed towards Mantaray. This trip is best undertaken during the later part of the afternoon. This is when pools of stingrays surface as a part of their daily, hunting schedule. Further, there is some help given to either snorkel or swim.

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