Cruises in San Andres

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A Cruise to the Land of White Beaches

The San Andres cruises are a great way to enjoy your well earned vacation. Known for its sandy beaches and shopping centers, San Andres is a paradise for the locals as well as visitors. The clear and warm water makes for a great swim.

Cruise in Luxury

This is the mother of all cruise liners to travel to San Andres. The ship anchors off El Cove. Boats will take you to the shore. At the shore, taxis are available to take you around San Andres. Always agree on the fare before you step into the taxi. English is not widely spoken here.


While on the island, San Andres is a shopper’s paradise. There are several shopping centers in town. You can scan through shops selling souvenirs and gift items. Emerald-studded rings and pendants are famous in this part of the world. Stores here accept U.S. dollars. There are several outdoor cafes and restaurants in San Andres to enjoy local dishes.

Back on the cruise liner, you can enjoy the spa and the pool area. The recreational center has several fun activities like snooker, darts and video games. The restaurants are a class apart, and the night-time entertainment consists of live musical performances and a dance club.


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