Beaches in San Andres

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San Andres Beaches are a kind of their own. They are part of an archipelago that UNESCO has called one of the most important biosphere reserves of the world. The beaches are near Jamaica and Nicaragua. However nowadays the beaches and the island belong to the country of Colombia.

Esprat Bright

This is one of the of the most popular of San Andres beaches. Tourists can enjoy swimming in the clear and shallow waters of San Andres. Tourists might also take a trip on a local boat. Most of this trips allow tourists to explore the island and to visit the cays. Tourists who love to fish can do so. They will be surprised at the number of fish that can be found in San Andres.

Sound Bay

The name of this beach comes from the sound the waves make as they hit the rocks. There are hotels and most of them have amazing restaurants. The hotels also have different nightclubs where tourists can dance the night away. 

Tourists who love to wind surf can visit Sound Bay during the months from December to February. The winds are at their best during this time. The speed of the winds ranges from 15 to 35 knots. 

The beaches are fairly small here, however the sands are white and they offer a good place for families to enjoy the sun, sun bathe and even have a picnic.

Cocoplum Bay 

Cocoplum Bay is one of the best of San Andres beaches. The bay has different activities for tourists and one of them is horse back riding. This tours on horse back take around two hours and the tours offer meals. There are also trips to the ecological areas. Tourists can enjoy the view of the beach and the flora and fauna native to San Andreas beaches.

Cocoplum Bay is also near Rocky Cay. This is a coral beach that also is that site of a sunken ship. The shallow waters are perfect for children and the whole family.

Crab Cay

This cay is where people can enjoy the best fish dishes. The cay offers good waters for snorkeling and diving. Tourists can walk up to the highest peak of San Andres island and view the waters around the San Andres beaches. There are many hotels and diving shops that offer diving instructions and equipment.



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