Purace national park Travel Guide

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Volcano Puracé

Volcano Puracé

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Some 40 km from Popayan, near the spectacular San Francisco water fall, you find the Purace National Park. A visit can be arranged from Popoyan or from Pilimbala.

The park contains the sources of four of Colombia's greatest rivers: the Magdalena, Cauca, Caqueta and Patia. Most of the park is over 3000 meters high, and the peaks of the Volcan Purace and the Pan de Azucar are well over 4500 meters.

It is possible to hike to the summit of the Purace Volcano. A marked trail leaves from behind the Park Office. A guide is recommended since parts of the area are military and are mined. Do not leave marked paths & don't take shortcuts. Total time for the hike: 4 hours up, 2,5 down.

Fro wildlife & nature lovers, the park is especially good for spectacled bears and mountain tapirs. The Andean Condor is being reintroduced.

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