Top 5 Must Do's in Pereira

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If you are looking to make the most of your holiday in Pereira, here are some Pereira must do’s that will make your trip more enjoyable. This guide provides information on some of the best tourist activities and attractions in the city.

1. Matecana City Zoo

Situated close to the Matecana airport, tourists in Pereira should make it a point to visit this zoo. It is not only the largest zoo in Colombia, but also one of South America’s largest zoos. The Matecana City Zoo is an educational and recreational area where children and adults can view and learn about the exotic fauna in the country. It boasts of more than 140 different species and about 700 odd animals and birds from Colombian, Asian, African and Australian ecosystems. Also included in the zoo is a Natural History Museum, where tourists can learn more about the history of the city.

2. Plaza de Bolivar

As one of the most important sights in Pereira, tourists must visit Plaza de Bolivar, also known as Bolivar Square. This square is extremely popular for the Bolivar Desnudo, which is the naked statue of the General. It is located between the 7 th and 8 th avenues in the city’s main square. Plaza de Bolivar is the most important area for financial and commercial activities in Pereira. The cathedral in Plaza de Bolivar looks uninteresting from the outside, but its insides are beautiful and stylish.

3. Thermal Hot Springs

If you are looking for a refreshing activity to do in Pereira, visit the Thermal Hot Springs which are located right across the coffee plantation region. The springs here bubble from under the earth as they are heated and enriched due to the volcanic activity. These natural pools are said to offer various healing properties and health benefits, as they contain a lot of minerals. Due to this, they attract a number of bathers and tourists who are looking for a unique experience in Pereira.

4. Natural Park of Otun-Quimbaya

Another must-do activity when holidaying in Pereira is to visit the Natural Park of Otun-Quimbaya. This sanctuary for flora and fauna is situated in the Andes Mountains and is usually covered by paramo and cloud forests. This place is perfect for tourists who love to trek through lush landscapes. Visitor can see humming birds and beautiful mountain butterflies while walking through the trails in this park.

5. Olaya Herrera

For a panoramic view of the city and the areas around it, tourists must visit the Olaya Herrera Park. Here, tourists can enjoy views of Pereira and its rich coffee valleys. The park offers a 360 degree view of all the places around the city. To the north, south and east of the city is Cordillera, the western part of Colombia. This is separated by three wide mountain ranges. Towards the west, visitors can enjoy views of the coffee plantations of cities like La Virginia and Santa Rosa de Cabal, rivers and valleys.

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