Shopping in Pereira

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Pereira shopping includes opportunities to visit several modern downtown shopping centers as well as buying fresh coffee from local coffee farms. Pereira in Western Colombia is located in a valley in the Andes, and is in the middle of a coffee-producing region. Pereira is also a modern city with many opportunities for shopping. There are several shopping malls in the downtown area of the city and many have a wide range of clothing stores, boutiques and international chains including Diesel. Many shopping malls also have grocery stores and supermarkets, good restaurants and coffee shops for sampling local coffee, and cinemas.

Shopping Malls in Downtown

The Bolivar Plaza is a concentration of shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas right in downtown Pereira. This central location makes it a busy meeting spot for locals and tourists, and there are a variety of shops and stores as well as a food court. The mall has indoor parking facilities.

Pereira Plaza is one of the upscale shopping centers. It can be found behind the Hotel de Pereira, and near the city's convention center. This shopping mall has a range of luxury and top-end stores for some upscale shopping.

The Victoria Plaza is located in Pereira's downtown and near the Megabus station. This shopping mall has one of the widest varieties of stores in Pereira and is a good place to look for clothing. There are also cinemas here, as well as restaurants and cafes to take a break from shopping and enjoy the local food.

If you need to do some shopping near the airport, try Unicentro. This is a modern shopping mall and one of the newest in the city, and is conveniently located near the airport. It has a good selection of stores and even a Carrefour supermarket for a range of local and international groceries.

Visit a Coffee Farm to Buy Local Coffee

Pereira is in the middle of a coffee producing region, and the coffee farms are among the city's the best tourist attractions. Coffee is a good souvenir to buy from Pereira, and you can get some local coffee for friends as a present> Schedule a visit to one of the city's coffee plantations.

Here you can purchase some fresh coffee, learn about coffee production and also about local ways of life. Many plantations are in beautiful natural surroundings and a visit can be a great day trip and a good opportunity to buy some authentic Colombian coffee.

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