Practical Information in Pereira

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This Pereira Practical Information guide will tell you all you need to know about the capital city of the Colombian department of Risaralda. Pereira is steeped in rich history. Besides, it is also known as a city known for its nightlife due to the large number of bars and nightclubs. Thus, a lot of tourists visit this Colombian city. Here are some important facts to keep in mind while vacationing in Pereira.

Population, Currency and Language

The population of Pereira in Colombia was estimated at around 576,329 in the year 2005. This figures show that Pereira is the sixth largest city in Colombia. In Pereira, the currency used is the peso. The main language spoken in Pereira is Spanish. But, English is spoken by most people.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Pereira has got to be during the months of December through March. However, the months of July to August are equally good times to vacation in Pereira. This is also the time that most of the Colombian festivals and events take place. You can expect a lot of tourists during this period as well. Prices are also hiked during the high season of Pereira.

Places of Interest

There are many places of interest that tourists should not miss when vacationing in Pereira. Visit the quaint town of Santa Rosa de Cabal, from where you will definitely spot the famous thermal pools and a gigantic waterfall too. You can enjoy a scenic walk in this area. A nature park in Pereira known as Santuario Qtun Quimbaya is also a must-visit. You can go hiking on one of the many routes here. There are quite a few clubs and bars in Pereira, as well as tiny cafes and good restaurants that serve excellent South American meals. The Matecana City Zoo should also be on any tourists' itinerary as it happens to be the largest zoo in South America.

Getting Around

Moving around in Pereira mainly takes place by road. You can rent a private car or used the city's taxis for getting around the city of Pereira.

Coffee Culture

Colombia is known for its coffee plantations. However, out of all the places in Columbia, Pereira is known for its excellent coffee produce globally. Pereira has the right temperature for growing good quality of coffee. You can buy yourself a good amount of coffee from Pereira's many local stores that stock different brands of locally produced coffee powder and beans.

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