Pereira - Sights in Pereira

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There are a number of Pereira sights that you can visit on your trip to the city. Here is a list of some of the most popular Pereira sights that you must not miss while holidaying in this city.

Olaya Herrera

For a spectacular view of the surrounding areas of the city, tourists must visit Olaya Herrera. This beautiful park is located on a mountain, which offers a 360 degree view and overlooks the city’s beautiful and rich coffee valleys. To the north, east and south, tourists can get views of the city nestled against central Cordillera’s western side. Apart from the views of coffee plantations in the west, tourists can also get views of rivers and valleys on this side.

Plaza de Bolivar

This is the city’s central square and also one of the most important centers. Also known as Bolivar Square, it is known for its unusual statue of a nude general on horseback, called El Bolivar Denudo. When sculptor Rodrigo Arenas Betancur first unveiled it, it caused a lot of unrest. However, today the local citizens have accepted it with pride. Besides this, there are other public works for art like a bronze statue of Benito Juarez. Tourists must visit the cathedral in this square. It may seem unimpressive and drab on the outside, but the interiors are elegant and refined and are decorated with mosaics, roof paintings and chandeliers.

Museo del Oro Quimbaya

Located on Av 30 de Agosto, which is a little outside the city center, is Museo del Oro Quimbaya. This museum offers an interesting display of artwork and historical objects that date back 10,000 years. These include three exquisite face masks and Quimbaya gold and pottery items. The museum has several rooms that display works from the pre-Colombian people, the Quimbaya, and other people who fought Spanish forces. There is also a music auditorium and library that offers a daily classical music program.

Casa Carrera

Another sight tourists must visit when they are in the city is Casa Carrera. These are two houses built early in the 20th century. The houses of Casa Carrera on No 15-58, Cra 7 and Casa de Luis Carlos Gonzalez on No 21-62, Cra 6, are two architectural interests. Both these structures have been confirmed as national monuments.


Tourists must visit Cedral, the eco-park in Pereira. Tourists can get beautiful views of mountains and Pereira from this park. There are several nature walks and hiking trails in the park that visitors can explore at leisure. Different kinds of animals can be seen here including wild dogs, howler monkeys and bush turkeys for a fee of about $3.

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