Getting Around in Pereira

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Getting around with Pereira transportation is a great way to see this part of Chile. Pereira is in a valley in the Andes Mountains on the western side of Chile. This is a main coffee producing region and has one of the largest airports and seaports in the area. There are many different adventures and outdoor activities, though the city is mainly known for its nightlife.

Megabus BRT

This bus system was designed after the successful Transmilenio system that is found in Bogota. They provide all day bus services and functions by a public and private partnership. All the stations are enclosed and very secure. All the stations are linked using fiber optics and you can see how long it is for your bus to arrive. There are two main terminals where you can transfer to the different lines. The main buses are green and the feeder lines are yellow. You will need a smart card, and one fare is about 45 cents. You will need to purchase a card at the two main stations and you can top them up at many places throughout the city.

A Train Ride

The train system is fairly good if you want to travel between the main cities. The Arica-La Paz railway is a spectacular way to get through the Andes. The train fares are a bit more expensive than the bus, but not by much. You can easily transfer between trains and buses. You can even take an old fashioned steam train as a fun tourist activity.

Renting a Car

Renting a car is not overly expensive, as a small sized car is about $30 a day. Many times it is less expensive to rent a car when you are in the city rather than the airport. Renting a car at the airport is only a good idea if you are going to pick up and drop off the car at the same airport. You do not want to rent a car and then drive to another country, as the rates are very high and you will need to purchase additional international travel insurance.


Taxis are found throughout the city, though you want to be careful. Many times the drivers will attempt to cheat foreigners. You want to make sure that the meter is running when the ride starts. If you don't see a meter then ask the cost at the beginning of the ride. You can hire a taxi by an hourly fare. The rate for weekends and nights are only a bit more than daytime rates.

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