Festivals in Pereira

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Pereira, the capital city of Risaralda department in Columbia, is one of the most important coffee zones in the country, and the city offers fun Pereira festivals. Pereira is a warm country where people are friendly and treat you well. The city is located on a small valley in the western part of the Andes mountain chain. Pereira is famous for its agricultural tourism and its natural beauty. There are several festivals celebrated in Pereira, Coloumbia which are major national events. Given below are some Pereira Festivals.

Fiestas de La Cosecha

Fiestas de La Cosecha is known as the Harvest Festival in English. The Harvest festival of Pereira has been celebrated since its founding centuries ago. The celebrations were held to mark the anniversary of the country which coincided with the harvest season in August, and thus the name Fiestas de La Cosecha or the Harvest Fest. The Harvest festival gained popularity and became a national event. People from all over the country visit Pereira. The harvest festival celebrates the harvest season and the efforts put in by the farmers. The festival is now held as a means to revive the ancient history, and during this festival, people come together and take part in sports and other cultural fun activities.

Festival del Despecho

The Fesitival del Despecho is an international festival held in Pereira every year in November. Despacho in Spanish means heartbreak. This annual festival is a cultural folk festival that has gained popularity over the years. True to its name, the Festival del Despecho is a musical and cultural event which is said to soothe all heartache and despair and hatred of broken hearts. Hence, the name Festival del Despecho, the Festival of Heartbreak. Festival del Despecho brings together people from different walks of life, especially musicians, writers, poets, singers and any one who can talk and write about lost love. The celebrations are not complete without cane liquor and joropos bambucos melancholy. This is a one of its kind festival in Colombia.

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