Day Trips in Pereira

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People visiting Colombia should get acquainted with Pereira Day Trips that are ideally suited for discovering the commercial and natural riches. This city is located within the Andean mountain region. It has evolved into one of South America's most prolific coffee producers. In fact, it is often described as the 'coffee metropolis' of Colombia. The following locations are worth a consideration when planning Pereira Day Trips:

Town of Santa Rosa de Cabal

Located about 15 km from Pereira, Santa Rosa de Cabal is also called 'Ciudad de Araucarias.' This name emphasizes its natural beauty, complete with lush evergreen trees and the Central Park. Visitors can undertake a walking tour along the foothills of the nearby Parque de Nevados. A visit to Rosa de Cabal isn't complete without visiting its most popular site: Balneario Santa Rosa Resort. This place is popular across Colombia for its thermal pools and hot water springs. Most of the hot water is sourced from the San Vicente. Many people believe that the water has curative properties. People from Colombia and neighboring South American nations often visit the resort, seeking to cure their ailments. Apart from a dip in the thermal spas, people can also indulge in mud baths.

Montenegro National Park

Coffee is considered an integral part of South American history. The National Coffee Park of Montenegro helps in understanding the coffee culture of Colombia. The park is in the form of a widespread coffee plantation along with a museum that explains the various aspects of running a coffee farm. Visitors learn about the nuances of tasting and selecting various types of coffee beans. Authorities in Montenegro have arranged horse-drawn rides and cattle-drawn carts to visit the plantation sites. This is done to give the visitors a real life-like feel of how coffee plantations functioned in the 19th century.

Quimbaya Province

This destination is recommended to explore the agricultural, livestock-dependent rural side of Colombia. People should visit the Culture Park where many kinds of native animals are reared. Visitors can get invaluable information about the slightly strange animal raising techniques used in Colombia. Visitors are allowed to roam freely in the farms, feed the animals and taste the fruits. People are also allowed to visit the breeding stations of birds like ducks, doves, turkeys and geese. Quimbaya is among Colombia's principal pork producers. Visitors can explore pig breeding at the Juan Chancho Montoya. This place also arranges weekly pig-racing competitions! Before returning to Pereira, visitors can spend a few hours at Filandia, widely regarded as Quimbaya's prettiest town. Visitors can spend time at the Observation Tower that overlooks a vast stretch of Colombian agricultural communities.

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