When to Go in Medellin

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Unsure as to what period of the year you should choose for a visit to Columbia's largest city? This Medellin - When To Go guide will help you in your decision as to when is the best time for your visit.


Medellin offers a cooler version of a tropical monsoon climate. Medellin is located 5000 feet above sea level, and its temperature is not as hot as other cities with the same location close to the equator. The annual temperature average is approximately 72 degrees F and the temperatures are constant throughout the year with little variation. Temperatures can be slightly cooler in the surrounding mountains and valleys. Rain is minimal in December, January and February. The rainfall increases in March and is significant from April to November, with rainfalls between 5 inches to almost 8 inches per month.

There are many festivals and special events throughout the year.


Columbiatex is a fashion trade show that is geared toward export and buyers. They welcome independent buyers.


Medellin's shopping malls offer deeply discounted prices on their best brands. This event takes place twice a year. Even at discounted prices, you can always negotiate with shop keepers as they love to bargain.


El Centro presents the International Orchids Exhibition, displaying beautiful flowers in a relaxing atmosphere.


La Fanfarria presents the Festival of Puppets. The first 3 weeks of March are filled with puppet shows and exhibitions which are are mostly in Spanish. Also in April, Medellin residents observe the Semana Santa (Holy Week) during which time several masses and processions are held.

May And June

Festival de Teatro is held in May and Festival de Tango is held in June. Check with the tourism board or the concierge service in your hotel for specific dates.


Columbia Moda is one of the most important fashion shows in Latin America. It is open to buyers and the public.  Festival de Jazz offers jazz performances in several different locations around town, such as the Teatro al Aire Libre del Parque Commercial El Tesoro, the Grand Salon Plaza Mayor and the Teatro de la Universidad de Medellin. Festival de Poesiada, the poetry festival, features several authors from different countries and offers readings in both English and Spanish.


Columbia is the world's second largest exporter of flowers and celebrates this with the Feria de las Flores (Festival of Flowers). For 10 days, you can attend parades, concerts, craft sales and impromptu parties. The festival holds a Guinness Record for the largest outdoor flower parade. A must see!


You can run or walk in the Medellin Marathon. There are several categories and distance runs for all ages.


You can attend presentations from the Festival de Clowns and Mimos (mimes). This is definitely a family favorite.


Another family favorite is the Los Alumbrados Festival (Lights Festival). People launch UFO-looking balloons called Globos that can roam the valleys for weeks and appear as amazing sights.

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