Top 5 Must Do's in Medellin

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Also known as the 'City of Eternal Spring,’ Medellin, which is cradled in the arms of the Aburra Valley, offers plenty of attractions for travelers. Medellin must do’s covers a broad spectrum of activities from sightseeing and shopping to gastronomical satisfaction.

1. Botero Paintings

Leaving Medellin without experiencing Botero paintings is like leaving Paris without viewing the Eiffel Tower. Museo de Antiquia is the most significant museum in Medellin because it features about 108 paintings of Fernando Botero, the famous living painter born and raised in Medellin. Alongside the donation of his own paintings to the museum, Botero has offered outstanding creations of other contemporary international artists. Apart from the paintings, the plaza called ‘Plaza Botero’ situated in front of the museum showcases over 20 statues made of bronze crafted by none other than Botero himself. The museum remains open daily from 9:30 to 5:00 (10 to 4 on holidays and Sundays). The entry fee costs $4 per adult. 

2. Theme Park - Pueblito Paisa

If you don’t have enough time to explore the surrounding towns, you must visit Pueblito Paisa to experience how a 20th century Colombian village looks. Situated on the top of Cerro Nutibarra, Pueblito Paisa is an amazing simulation of a typical 20th century town. It houses a chapel, school, the Cural house, the mayor's hall, a barber’s shop, a pharmacy and other buildings. Besides, the mountain Nutibarra provides a splendid view of the Medellin city. The Pueblito Paisa remains open throughout the week from 6 in the morning till midnight. The entry is free of cost.

3. The Botanical Garden:

Located in the north part of Medellin, Jardin Botanico is a garden of enormous size extending over 14 hectares of land. Founded in 1972, the garden has over 600 species of flowers and plants in its collection. The garden displays an endless list of plants like orchids, carnivorous plants, curative herbs, basil, pepper, mint and rosemary. You need 2 whole days to cover the entire garden. 

4. Shopping Extravaganza:

Medellin, being a big textile manufacturing town, offers clothes of local brands at a very reasonable price. Everything including clothes, shoes, jewelry and leather products is available here. There are a number of upscale malls like Tesoro, Oviedo, San Tiego selling products of international brands. Besides, Medellin has stalls at El Centro where you can bargain to keep your shopping within budget.

5. Food Fiesta:

When in Medellin, you should try some quintessential Colombian cuisines like carne en polvo (ground beef), rice with coconut, desmechada (shredded meat) and arepas. Colombian fruits like mamoncillo, lulo, zapote and mamey will definitely leave your palate satisfied. Further, plenty of restaurants like HatoViejo, Mystique and  Casa Molina will offer a delicious eating experience.


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