Shopping in Medellin

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Medellin shopping is an interesting affair as a broad spectrum of upscale shopping malls and diverse arts and crafts centers are scattered all across the city. Since Medellin is at the heart of a textile industry, it offers a variety of top quality goods at a very reasonable price. For avid shoppers, there are plenty of choices available from purchasing attires to decorative showpieces or from leather goods to exquisite handicrafts.


Medellin has plenty of niche markets with Plaza Majorista topping them all. Situated in the city of Itagui to the south of Medellin, Plaza Majorista is a huge market covering some 0.0288 hectares of land. Everything, including vegetables, grains and fruits are available here. Price is quite moderate when compared to that of the supermarkets. You can save a great amount of money on your shopping here.


Medellin has four major supermarkets, namely Pomona, Exito, Carrefour and Carrula. Pomona is the most expensive one, and only sells food products. Exito is the cheapest among the four. Alongside selling the food products, Exito also sells cheap clothes, electronic goods and household appliances. Carrefour and Carrula have the stock of the best products ranging from top brand clothes to fresh vegetables or meat, from household items to electronic gadgets. Shopping in any of these supermarkets will definitely be a different experience for you as all of them are equipped with ATM machines and accept payment through credit cards.

Shopping Malls

A plethora of shopping malls have mushroomed all around the city of Medellin making it ideally a ‘shopper’s paradise’. All of these malls come up with facilities like clothing stores, restaurants, food courts, Cineplex, car parking and so on. Some of Medellin’s top notch shopping malls include Ovideo, El Tessoro, San Diego, Monterrey and Unicentro. Ovideo is an upscale shopping mall housing over 280 shops. Besides selling products of top brands like Chanel, Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger, Oviedo has an amusement park for children and a multi-screen Cineplex, not to mention the array of food joints with cuisines to appeal any palate. Oviedo gives tough competition to El Tessoro which used to hold the number 1 position before Oviedo came into being. El Tessoro too provides the same range of facilities like Oviedo. A scenic view from the top of the Tessoro mall is worth seeing.

El Centro Street Shops

For the budget shoppers, El Centro is an ideal place to shop. Lined with shops of street vendors, El Centro sells a variety of clothes, handicrafts and even leather goods at a cheap price. Fashionable local designer clothes are also sold here at a reasonable rate. The most interesting thing about El Centro is that you can bargain here to do the shopping within your range.

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