Nightlife and Entertainment in Medellin

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With the right precautions taken, Medellin Nightlife can give you an unforgettable experience as Medellin has plenty of good night bars and clubs all across the city. The vibrancy of Medellin nightlife is felt especially from Thursday onward through Saturday.

Nightclubs and Bars:

Medellin has some areas with bars and nightclubs concentrated in large numbers. The popular hub of nightclubs Parque Lleras, also called Zona Rosa, has a profusion of restaurants, bars and discos. Besides, the place is an ideal spot to just watch people enjoying the nightlife in a Colombian way. The place is abuzz with activity especially during the weekends. Locals as well as tourists throng the clubs and bars to spend the night away in merriment. Two popular discos here are Blue and Foila. Besides, you can try your dinner in any of the 2 big restaurants namely El Rojo and Basilica, known for their delicious cuisines and drinks.  Apart from Parque Lleras, Super Club District, Las Palmas and Barrio Colombia are famous hubs of nightclubs and bars. Super Club District has 3 of the largest and the most expensive clubs of Medellin – Mango’s, Palmahia and Universal. Mango’s is one of the most upscale and expensive nightclubs in Medellin. This is a large bar packed with every little facility to entertain you, not to mention the group of hot girls performing live to take your breath away. Las Palmas includes posh nightclubs like Babylon, Palmitas and Circus. Babylon is mostly frequented by young single men in search of a single woman and Babylon is full of sensuous attractive women. Babylon remains open until 4 a.m.


Since Medellin is not a safe city at night, you must take some precautions when roaming around at night. It is wise to travel in taxis and avoid walking along the shady streets during the night time. Better, have friends accompany you when planning to go to a nightclub as wandering alone at night on the streets of Medellin is not a good idea. In a club or bar, don’t accept drinks from strangers. Medellin clubs are crammed with good looking women who might try to be extra friendly offering your drinks. The drinks might be drugged and once you get into a trance, they might escape with all your valuables, including credit card, cash and passport. Therefore, it is advisable  that you don’t walk around carrying credit cards or original passports. Further, minors are not allowed in nightclubs. The minimum age limit is 18.

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