Getting There in Medellin

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Downtown Medellin

Downtown Medellin

There are two terminals, one named del Norte, aptly used for busses north, (Turbo, Cartagena, Bogota, etc), the other one Terminal del Sud, handles traffic to the south and west. Cartagena is USD 37, Bogota comes in at USD 25.

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Medellin has two airports. The regional airport located in the south section of the city . This airport serves regional flights within the state of Antioquia and neighboring regions.

The international airport is located 45 minutes away from the city and serves national and international flights.

You can reach Medellin from most colombian cities by air and internationally there are non stop flights from Miami, New York, Panama City.

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Transportation inside the city

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For affordable transportation inside Medellin, call 3527408 or (314) 6627420. English and italian speaking drivers. also translation services can be provided

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