Family Travel Ideas in Medellin

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Here are some ideas to make Medellin family travel easier.


There are several hotels in Medellin. Prices start around $80 USD per night, but if you prefer a suite, prices will start around $125 per night. Most hotels will include a continental breakfast.  Art Hotel is a sure choice, very clean and classy. Estelar Milla de Oro, Estelar Poblado Alejandria and Estelar Poblado Plaza are 3 apartment hotels offering clean and safe locations as well as all the amenities needed inside the apartment.

Adventure Sport

If you like physical activities that are a lot of fun, you should definitely go to Parque Trebol. Make sure you set most of the day for this place, as there are many activities for everyone. You can try X-Fera, in which you are seated inside a giant ball and must roll it down a path. If you prefer more action, maybe a friendly paintball match is for you. You can test your agility on the climbing wall or try to go through the obstacle course. For those not afraid of heights, try the canopy. Parque Trebol also offers a babysitting area as well as a petting zoo (Granja Trebol). Each activity is priced separately, but prices are relatively low.

Water Parks

There are 3 water parks in Medellin: Parque de las Aquas, Parque Juan Pablo II and Parque los Tamarindos. All 3 offer numerous water slides and pools, wave pool and lazy river. They can be very crowded on weekends, so it is better go on a weekday if possible.


There are 14 parks and squares in Medellin. For the most stunning view of the city, head to El Volador. This park is at the top of a hill, so you get a panoramic view of the entire city. Plaza de Cisneros has 300 concreted needles of different heights, creating an artificial forest--a very cool sight. A must for families is Parque Ecoturistico El Salado. This park offers so many activities for kids that they will feel like the character, Tarzan, or  a character in the Jungle Book. Kids will enjoy jumping on the rocks across the rivers, or imitating Tarzan in the canopies, and adults will love the clear water of the river. Be forewarned, the water is really cold, so you might just want to jump straight in.


Medellin at night is still a little bit unsafe in certain areas, so make sure that if you go out to dinner, take a taxi back to your hotel instead of walking. Stay safe and enjoy your visit.

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