Bars and Cafes in Medellin

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One of the best things to do while holidaying in Medellin is to check out the various Medellin Bars and Cafes that offer great food and drinks. Medellin is a fairly large and diverse city in Colombia that is surrounded by natural landscapes and beautiful mountain ranges. Medellin offers its visitors a wide array of beautiful destinations and hot spots. Locals are meticulous about everything so you can expect a beautiful city beyond compare.

La Papeyera (El Eslabon Prendido)

This is one of the best bars in Medellin. La Papeyera is located right next to the Parque Del Periodista. The bar is always packed with a lively crowd and as soon as you enter the bar you will feel like dancing. With its bouncy party atmosphere and great Latin Jazz rhythm, you will definitely shout “Rumba!” La Papeyera has an open-air courtyard wherein you can sit back and enjoy a few drinks with your friends away from the wild crowd.

Café Bettini

Café Bettini is well known for its magnificent line of cold and hot coffee offerings. This is considered as one of Medellin’s oasis where you can relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This small café also serves cappuccino, espresso, malt, granizado, fruit juices and pastries. The owners of this small café, the Bettini sisters, offer the best Colombian hospitality and customer service. This is a perfect place to unwind and sip great coffees after a great lunch.

Juan Valdez Café

The Juan Valdez Café is a popular coffeehouse chain that started out in Colombia. The menu includes 100 percent Colombian coffee, cold drinks, hot espresso and snacks. You can also buy all types of fresh coffee beans, t-shirts, mugs and other souvenirs items in the grocery extension and online store of Juan Valdez Café.

Salon Versalles

Salon Versalles is a café that serves great snacks and pastries, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  However, the most popular and best selling product here is the Argentian empanada. This restaurant/café also caters weddings, birthdays and special events. Every afternoon this elegant restaurant transforms itself into a café where you can find the best coffee served in Colombia.

El Rumbantana

This is one of the best salsa bars in South America. El Rumbantana is a small bar situated at Calle 44 and was started by Sergio Santana. The bar features a live band that plays old school salsa. The bar has a wide range of alcoholic beverages including rum. There is a small dance floor right in the center of El Rumbantana where you can showcase your best dance moves. 

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TODO FRESA café-reposteria

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The best coffe and pastry you`ll try in Medellin is right here in TODO FRESA. With a large porfolio of coffe, pastry desserts and delicious plates, they have the best quality gourmet products in Medellin. The personell is extremely kind and they`ll make your stay as pleasent as posible.  Its not too expensive and if you are in Medellin you must visit.

They are located in Parque Comercial El Tesoro, Centro Comercial (mall) Oviedo, Centro comercial Santafé, Palms Avenue, and Manila (calle de la buena mesa)

telephone and deliveries: 3140586

Facebook: more..

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