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Carnavales de Ipiales - Homenaje a Botero

Carnavales de Ipiales - Homenaje a Botero

Ipiales Times

Ipiales is a city in the south-west of Columbia on the border with Ecuador. It lies among the gorges of the river Guáitara on a peaceful savannah but it is overlooked by vast Andean peaks with snow all through the year.

About 1000 years AC it was inhabited by a tribe whose arrival is not on record. They believed in an immortal soul and they were most proficient in making both tombs and ceramics. Although they were subjugated by the Incas, the settlement endured beyond the Spanish conquest and in 1615 Juan Caro built a dozen houses that formed the nucleus of the village of Ipiales and a hermitage.

You can learn much more about it in Spanish from the Ipiales Times [www.ipitimes.com,] published for the internet by Artur Coral-Folleco, a Doctor in Biomedical Sciences from the Universities of Paris VI and XII, France. In particular there’s an article on tourism [www.ipitimes.com/turismo.htm].
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