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"El Poblado" en Isla Gorgona

"El Poblado" en Isla Gorgona

Lucila Escamilla

Gorgona is an island 27 kms off Colombia’s pacific coast where tropical rainforest meets sea. Best known for the yearly visit hunchback whales pay its shores from August to October accompanied by their newborn, the island is also a snorkeling and diving paradise, as is its amazing rainforest, isolated for thousands of years form the mainland, and the many animals and plants that inhabit it. It’s a place for anyone who can appreciate nature, likes to walk, listen to the ocean, and is willing to unplug totally from the hustle bustle of city life.

Gorgona housed a state prison for many years until it became a national natural park in 1985. Camping is not allowed, and the only housing available is that provided by the park administration, which is very good. You should make reservations in advance with the Oficina Nacional de Parques Nacionales Naturales (www.parquesnacionales.gov.co or call 571-2431634 in Bogota). The island can host around 80 visitors in comfortable 4 person rooms (although there are also 2 cabins for larger parties). It is a very quiet, tranquil place, built facing the ocean. There is one restaurant where the three meals are served for all visitors in strict schedules, as cooking and fires are not allowed either. It offers good homecooking although the menu can be tiring after more than 4 days: bringing snacks is a good idea. Each group is assigned one guide upon arrival and he or she will accompany you in whichever activity your group whishes to follow. Always. You can’t go anywhere besides the beach in front of the rooms unaccompanied or without your boots: for your own safety (snakes are very common in Gorgona) but also for the animal’s safety and to ensure the island’s preservation. With an average 98% humidity, be ready for intense rainfalls and misty days; the island is said to have its own cloud, always looming on its mountaintop. Taking a windbreaker with you is a good idea. Obviously, blazing sun and tropical heat can be just as common, so it’s best to be ready for anything in between.


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