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Eje Cafetero - Coffee Growning - Coffee Region. Tropical region  in Colombia , where much of the country's coffee is grown. In Eje Cafetero's towns and villages, coffee is a way of life - the economy depends on it, and of course it's what everybody drinks. Colombians are passionate about preserving their vibrant social life.

Daring settlers crossed Colombia’s Western and Central Cordilleras and settled on their slopes in an effort to boost the progress and development of a region that one hundred years later is considered the country’s most traditional. Its towns stand as an example to the architecture of the period, which, intermingling giant bamboo, wood and coffee, distinguishes it from the rest of the country.

Tourists travelling its roads are invited to savor the aroma of the world’s best coffee and enjoy the tales of the muleteers who, with their stories, revitalize the love and respect for the land. The Coffee Circuit covers the Departments of Caldas, Risalralda and Quindío, which witnessed the prosperity that coffee brought to the country in the last century. In periods of crisis, thanks to the perseverance of their people, these Departments have turned to tourism and have lavished their proverbial hospitality on their visitors. The route offers tourists the opportunity to lodge at coffee plantations and starting at daybreak, participate in the region’s normal everyday activities, starting with a visit to the coffee growing areas, then on to the harvesting, and finally the preparation of the delicious typical Colombian coffee.

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