When to Go in Cartagena

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Located on the hot, steamy Caribbean coast of Colombia, beautiful Cartagena enjoys a typical tropical climate, with year-round hot, humid weather and occasional heavy storms.

Winter Months

Visitors to the city will be grateful for the city beach, clear waters and tropical islands of the surrounding area, as the humidity (which averages 90 per cent) can feel stifling. Temperatures vary little throughout the year, making Cartagena a great spot for soaking up some rays during a winter break.

Rainy Season

When it rains in tropical Cartagena (or Cartagena de Indias, to give the city its full name), it really rains. Tropical storms are common in the city during its two rainy seasons - typically from April to May and October to November.  During these times, it's common for temperatures to soar during the day, with plenty of hot sunshine, before clouds arrive in the late afternoon and the skies open after dark.

Windy Season

Those who suffer in intense heat may find Cartagena most comfortable from November through to February, the windiest months of the year, when cooling sea breezes can make the high temperatures feel less oppressive.

Although Cartagena sits on the Caribbean coast, it is not affected by the hurricanes that blight other destinations in the Caribbean. Being on the mainland and in a southern location puts the city out of the way of the wind currents that drive Caribbean hurricanes, meaning there is no 'hurricane season' to avoid.


The combination of laid-back Caribbean cool and colorful South American culture makes Cartagena a lively, party-fuelled place to be at any time of year, and the city boasts a  busy calendar of annual events. Carnival, held over the first four days before lent, usually in February, is lively, although not as famous as the Carnival held in neighboring Baranquilla.

Expect hotel prices to rise over Carnival and other major public holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and Easter. July and August are also considered to be high season in Cartagena, so budget travelers would be wise to plan their break outside of this time.

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