Festivals in Cartagena

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Cartagena festivals serve as an excellent resource to decode Cartagena’s historic and cultural influences. Cartagena is among Colombia’s most vibrant, multicultural cities. While some festivities in Cartagena are a part of national celebrations, some exclusive festivals are celebrated in Cartagena. The most popular of these unique Cartagena festivals include:

Cultural Cartagena Festivals: Mapfre Hay Festival

Celebrated during the last week of January, this is among Colombia’s most talked-about cultural festivals. Actually, the Mapfre is less than a decade old but already, it is listed among South America’s most influential cultural events. Often referred to as the Hay Festival, this event seeks participation across all forms of art and collaborative, literary efforts. This includes discussions and symposiums on subjects like ancient literature and regional cultures. Visitors can easily participate in the open discussions since there are no age or nationality-related barriers.

International Cartagena Festivals: Cartagena Film Festival

The International Film Festival of Cartagena is the oldest and the most respected of film festivals across Latin America. The festival began in 1960 and is now widely accepted as the final authority for acknowledging achievements across various genres of movies. Usually held in the later part of February or early March, this one-week festival always manages to attract the biggest movie-stars from South American and even the Hollywood fraternity. Often referred to as the Colombian Film Festival, this is Cartagena’s biggest international event of the year.

Historic Cartagena Festivals: Cartagineses Romanos Festival

This is among the few historic festivals of Colombia that are endemic to Cartagena and the nearby towns. This festival is usually hosted in the last two weeks of September. The festival is essentially a celebration of the rich history of Colombia, particularly the era wherein the Carthaginian troops fought for the nation’s safety.

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