Cruises in Cartagena

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If you want to enjoy the beautiful waters and countryside in Cartagena, you may find one of the best ways to see the city is by taking one of the Cartagena cruises that are available. These cruises travel to other cities and around the countryside to help you see some of the beautiful spots in the country.

Coral Princess

The Coral Princess cruise ship will take you on a tour of the Caribbean and the beautiful water along the way. You can board the ship at the main port in Cartagena located outside of town. Once you are on the ship, you can enjoy the dining, entertainment and activities on board. You can also enjoy stopping at a couple of the port cities along the islands and to see the Cartagena city and all of the historic spots.

The Dawn Princess

The Dawn Princess cruise ship travels around Cartagena and will take you on a beautiful tour of the islands. The ship boards at the main port. You may want to arrive early because the port is usually full. You can enjoy sailing past some of the historic spots and stopping along the way to try out some of the shopping and cuisine well known in the Cartagena area. If you are looking for a great way to get out and explore the Caribbean, you may want to choose this Cartagena cruise on your vacation.

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