Things to do in Cali

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Santiago de Cali is the second largest city in Colombia and features a tropical climate and lush vegetation. In Cali, things to do are endless. You can enjoy the fresh air while you tour the numerous shops and restaurants of the city, dance the salsa all night long, tour one of the most popular zoos in South America or just enjoy the sights and the beautiful weather. In Cali, the green foliage and tropical breeze will keep you refreshed and ready to explore. Popular things to do:

Shop, Dine and Savor the Nightlife

Cali features a wide variety of shops, restaurants and nightclubs. There are entire districts dedicated to tourism, such as Granada, which is full of gourmet eateries, fashion boutiques and hip clubs. Visitors can spend the day exploring the city and sights, as well as enjoying delicious Colombian cuisine and countless fashion shops. To end the day, they can drop by a trendy nightclub on 6th Street. The tropical weather makes shopping and dining in Cali a relaxed activity as well.

Visit the Zoologico de Cali

The perfect getaway for outdoors-loving visitors, the Zoologico de Cali features humane exhibits, a wide collection of Colombian species and nature-abundant grounds. Here you will find nearly 1,200 animals belonging to 180 species, such as condors, lemurs and monkeys. The Rio Cali runs through the park grounds and adds to the picture-perfect nature experience and ambiance. Admission is approximately US$5 a  person, and you will need to take a cab there because buses do not visit this area.

Dance the Salsa

Salsa dancing in Cali is an integral part of this city's culture and one of its biggest appeals. La Sexta Avenida, also known as Sixth Avenue, is where adventurous visitors can explore the exotic world of salsa dancing. La Sexta Avenida features many open air eateries that all have dance floors, where you can try your hand at dancing the salsa, or watch native Cali salsa dancers in movement and rhythm. Travelers from all over the world come to Cali for the salsa experience, so this truly is an activity that should be explored while in the city.

Mountain Bike in the City or on the Beach

Cali is known for its excellent bike paths and tracks. Many outdoors-loving visitors enjoy biking around the city or along the beaches, such as San Cipriano. The weather is perfect for outdoor sports, for this is the place to get physical. Other activities on the beaches include basketball, soccer and even bullfighting.

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