Senior Travel in Cali

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A visit to Colombia can seem intimidating to even the most intrepid of travelers, but older visitors to Cali needn't be overly concerned about safety in the city. Colombia's reputation for violent crime and kidnappings is largely exaggerated - with the bulk of crimes affecting only those involved in the country's drug trade. That said, petty theft can be a problem for tourists in Cali, so it's important to exercise some caution while visiting. With a little common sense, however, older travelers should not encounter any problems, and the warm welcome from locals will override any negative preconceptions about the city and its people.

Where to Stay

Senior visitors to Cali will find accommodation options to suit all budgets, and it's common to find English-speaking staff at many of the larger hotels. If high rise chain hotels seem a little impersonal, try booking a room at one of the city's many small guest houses. Those on top-end budgets will find comfortable accommodation with excellent service, English-speaking staff and all modern conveniences at the Intercontinental, on Avenida Colombia. The Hostal San Fernando, near Parque del Perro, is a good mid-range option set in pleasant grounds in a safe location.

Things to See and Do in Cali

Sightseeing in Cali is largely based around the city center, where most of the city's historic buildings, museums and cultural centers are to be found. A good place to head for is the pleasant Plaza de Caicedo, which is surrounded by some of Cali's most impressive buildings. The imposing cathedral and the 18th century monastery, with its impressive dome, overlook the square, as does the National Palace. It's easy to while away a few hours here, and the nearby Colonial Art Museum and Archeological Museum are well worth a visit, too.

Cali is famous above all else for its nightlife, and revelers of all ages are welcome to join the party. There are countless restaurants and bars featuring live music, and it's not uncommon to see a clientele whose ages range from under 18 to over 80. Cali locals are famously welcoming, and the music scene here is enjoyed by all ages.

Safety in Cali

Safety will understandably be a concern for many visitors to Cali, but with a few simple precautions a trip should not present any problems. Keep valuables out of sight, avoid walking on deserted or dark streets and take taxis after dark. Ask staff at your hotel to book taxis in advance, or use an official rank.

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