Getting Around in Cali

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Santiago de Cali, simply referred to as Cali, is the third largest city in Colombia. Cali's booming economy means that its rush hours are equally growing in size. When getting around in Cali, make sure to try do most of your long journeys as far as away as possible from the rush hours between 7 and 9 a.m., and 5 and 7 p.m. Here are a couple things to consider when moving around Cali.


In any South American city, the bus system is complicated. Your best bet is to ask locals for some tips. Rather than bus numbers, it's better to work with landmarks, which are used more frequently. While traveling in a bus, it is best to avoid wearing jewelry, carrying large amounts of money, and, especially, not traveling with large bags. Buses are not that spacious and if a bus driver sees you with a large bag during rush hour, you're very likely not to be allowed inside.

Car Rental

Cali is served by the the Alfonos Bonilla Aragon International Airport (IATA airport code: CLO) in Palmira, which is connected to Cali by the Palmira highway. The airport has offices of most foreign and domestic car rental companies. Hertz and Thrifty make a special effort to cater to North American tourists by offering special discounts. If you arrive by air, make sure to check out the prices of renting a car at the airport and compare the to those of rental in the city--and you'll be surprised.


Just as with buses, you need to be a bit careful when taking a taxi. Even though taxis are required by law to be equipped taxi meters, don't be surprised if you find some taxi drivers without them, particularly those waiting outside popular night clubs. Some people work part time as taxi drivers, just to get extra income. If a cab doesn't have a taxi meter, negotiate the fee in advance and don't feel ashamed to just walk away, if you feel like you would get charged way more than the actual fare.

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