Festivals in Cali

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Patricia Walteros

The city of Santiago de Cali is a wonderful metropolis, buzzing with a variety of festivities throughout the year. The warmth, hospitality and enthusiasm of its people make Cali a charming place for visitors. The city hosts some of the finest festivals each year that attract people from all over the continent, as well as from the United States, Europe and Asia.

The following is a brief description of some of the exclusive festivals that the city celebrates:

 La Feria de Cali

La Feria de Cali, or Cali’s Fair is the biggest annual festival of the city that draws crowds of enthusiastic local participants and tourists from all over the world. It is celebrated from December 25th to the 30th each year, and the entire city gets transformed into a gigantic carnival during this period. The fair is renowned for its spectacular bullfighting shows, the salsa dances, horse riding parades, athletic competitions, cultural expos, and its nonstop partying and festive atmosphere.

Cali’s Fair has been traditionally celebrated since 1957, and over the decades it has come to represent the cultural identity of the city for the rest of the world. The festival gives an opportunity to many talented people, both local as well as international, to showcase their talent.

 World Salsa Festival

In the month of September each year, thousands of salsa dancers from around the world converge in Cali to participate in the World Salsa Festival. The Cuban and Caribbean music, which holds a place of pride in the Colombian culture, makes thousands of tourists dance to the sounds of drums, guiro, trumpets, and maracas.

The festival has acquired a status of much more than just a competition to find the world’s best salsa dancers. It has become a grand cultural event, and also holds series of lectures, workshops and expos for the visitors who may be interested in learning more about the city.

 Mono Nunez Festival

This festival is celebrated each year in June, in Ginebra, which is at the outskirts of the city of Cali. Top artists and musicians from the country and abroad gather here to pay a tribute to the musical heritage of the Andean region. The finest musicians in this genre of folk music come together to create a fusion between traditional and modern music. The festival has also become an excellent launching pad for new musicians into the international arena.

The delightful atmosphere of joyful celebrations, song, music and dance make Cali the true capital of festivities in the region.

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Feria Artesenal

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In June during the Feria Artesanal at Parque Panamericano you can buy handicrafts. Check out the high quality of the leather goods.

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National Art Festival

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In June the city of Cali hosts an Art Festival with painting, theatre, music and much more.

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