Family Travel Ideas in Cali

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Better known for its nightlife than its tourist attractions, Cali is not the most obvious choice for a family holiday. However, while it doesn't lend itself well to long family breaks, Cali offers plenty of options for families stopping off in the city while en route to other destinations. As the capital of the Cuenca district, this is a buzzing, cosmopolitan city with its fair share of cinemas, shopping malls and family-friendly cafes and restaurants. The hostel scene here is largely the domain of younger backpackers, but there are some fairly-priced hotels that cater well to family needs.

Safety First

Colombia's reputation for crime and violence is largely exaggerated, but parents bringing the children along on a visit to Cali will quite rightly have concerns about safety in the city. A visit here should be trouble-free as long as families take a few simple precautions. The most obvious is to avoid dressing in a flashy manner, and to keep valuables out of sight. Back up photographs to avoid losing precious family snaps should you be unlucky enough to have a camera stolen, and avoid walking along dark or dimly-lit streets at night. Buses are relatively safe by day, but take taxis after dark. It's always best to have these booked in advance by your hotel.

Family Accommodation in Cali

There are plenty of options for families staying in Cali, and prices are generally quite fair. One good choice for families is Aparta Hotel Del Rio at Calle 21N, which offers apartments with kitchenette, sleeping up to four. There's also a pool, gym and laundry facilities. For those who can afford top-end options, the Intercontinental at Avenida Colombia is a good bet. There are tennis courts, swimming pools, spacious rooms and an excellent buffet breakfast.

Family Dining in Cali

Most major hotels will offer a decent breakfast - often buffet-style, allowing hungry youngsters to pile up their plates as often as they like. Street snacks such as pies and pastries are widely available for very little money, and families seeking a vitamin boost will find juice bars on almost every corner. There are plenty of pizza restaurants and burger bars, too. Tales and Tales, at Carrera 34 number 3A, serves hearty and reasonably priced burgers, and those with vegetarians in the family can find good-value veggie lunches at Comedor Vegetariano y Cafe at Carrera 5, number 7-38.
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