7 Day Itinerary in Cali

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If you are planning a trip to Cali Colombia, here are several suggestions for your 7 day Cali itinerary.

Day 1 - Go to the Museum

El Museo Arqueologico La Merced has an impressive collection of pre-Colombia pottery represented in 5 rooms of the museum. The museum building was originally established in the 16th century as a convent of La Merced.

Day 2 - Go to the Park

Take a walk in the Park of the Rocks where you can see the Pacific coast and the Andes Mountains. The park is home to many different varieties of monkeys, birds, deer, pumas and snakes.

Day 3 - Tour Cali Churches

Take a tour of Cali's Churches. Two churches that you should consider are the Iglesia de la Merced, that was established in 1545 and is the oldest church in Cali, and the Iglesia de la Ermita, which was build in the early 1600s. The Iglesia de la Ermita is one of the most photographed churches in Colombia. The history of this church is very interesting, as the original church was destroyed in an earthquake in 1925 and rebuilt with the Cathedral of Cologne as a model. The blue and white neo-gothic beauty is a must see!

Day 4 - Alameda Galleria and Avenida Sexta

Begin the day with a visit to the Alameda Galleria, which is a market of grains, meats, seafood, vegetables, tropical fruits and flowers. You can spend the day sampling the fruits of the region at the Alameda Galleria and then the rest of the time on Avenida Sexta, where you can experience many cultural presentations, including salsa dancing.

Day 5 - Ciudad Senora

Ciudad Senora (Guadalajara de Buga) is less than an hour outside of Cali. Settled in 1555, Ciudad Senora is filled with beautiful colonial architecture, as well as the Basilica El Senor de los Milagros.

Day 6 - Visit the National Park

The National Park's eco-tourist environment is just a few minutes outside of Cali. The National Park (Parque Nacional Farallones de Cali) consists of tropical rain forests and is home to many different species of fauna and flora, as well as jaguars, foxes, bears, deer and anteaters.

Day 7 - Attend a Soccer Game

If you find yourself in Cali on Sunday, go to the Olympic Stadium (a most impressive stadium) and participate in the national pastime by attending a soccer game. Attendees will witness the Columbian passions for this addictive sport. So pick a team and cheer!

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