Senior Travel in Bogota

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With its reputation for drug trafficking and organized crime, it´s not surprising that many senior travelers feel apprehensive about visiting Bogota. However, taking a few simple precautions should safeguard visitors of all ages against crime in the city, and the Colombian capital has so much to offer that to avoid coming here because of safety concerns would be a real shame. Bogota is a cosmopolitan city packed with museums, galleries and sites of historical interest, and the dining scene here is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Safety Issues

A wise move for senior travelers is to make their base in Bogota´s Zona Rosa. This affluent neighborhood is well-policed and home to many of the city´s best hotels and restaurants. With places to eat and drink nearby, there´s no need to travel far after dark, and crime is less of an issue here than in other parts of the city. Take a taxi here from the airport (or bus terminal if arriving by land) and ensure the cab is displaying the driver ID. At any time of day or night in Bogota, avoid flashing jewelry or valuable - keep cameras and phones well hidden. Take taxis at night and avoid wandering unknown streets.


Another thing that senior visitors to Bogota should bear in mind is the altitude -a t over 2,500 meters, the air is quite thin here, which can make breathing feel labored, especially if arriving by plane. Take it easy during the first day or so here, and don´t attempt to do too much, too quickly. Alcohol is also best avoided during your first day and night.


The buses and mini-vans that race through the streets of Bogota are generally speaking relatively safe, but not very comfortable. Taxis are readily available and easily cheap, and are an altogether comfier way to travel. If possible, arrange for your hotel to call taxis on your behalf. Where that´s not possible, ensure the cabs have a telephone number displayed on the side and that the driver is displaying his id.

Things to See and Do

The historic district of La Candelaria is well worth a visit for its many handsome colonial buildings and good museums. Don´t miss the fantastic Gold Museum on Centro. Most museums and galleries offer reduced rates for senior visitors. Monserrate, a mountain viewpoint accessed by cable car or funicular railway, is another fun trip but, no matter how solid your health, safety concerns dictate against making the ascent on foot.

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