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The Valparaiso Shopping experience tends to be exciting thanks to the variety of shopping centers in the city. People can find anything from fancy designer clothes to clothing that is part of the country's folklore and antiquities. Valparaiso is part of Chile's Central region and its adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.

Mall Plaza Del Sol in Quilpe

The mall first opened its doors in the year 2002. The mall is located on the intersection of Diego Portales Avenue and Claudio Vicuna Street. There are four levels that comprise this mall and a huge parking lot. One of the most popular stores in the mall is Fallabella. This is a super store where people can find anything from clothes to cleaning supplies.

Mall Plaza del Sol has an Internet Cafe that offers Internet Service, use of scanners, and video conferencing. This Internet Cafe is useful for people who are on business trips and for people who want to keep in touch without spending that much money on the telephone. Vitamins Cafe is located on the second floor of Mall Plaza del Sol. The Cafe serves cakes, tea, coffee and sandwiches at very low prices.

Tourists can take the subway train on the way to Quilpe to reach Mall Plaza del Sol.

Feria Persa de Valparaiso

The persas are the equivalent of flea markets in the Valparaiso Shopping experience. One of the biggest of these is the Feria Persa de Valparaiso. This persa is located on Argentina Avenue and Pedro Montt Avenue. People can get to this persa taking the train or bus number 36 from the Baron De Castro Station.

This outdoors market sells different kinds of used clothing, antiquities, coins and food. People can find necklaces, earrings are jewelry that has the style of the native Chilean culture. People also sell used American clothing. This is a good place where people can buy old coins.

Los Copihues

This outdoors market has vendors that sell music CDs, DVDs. People also sell old tools,toys, and clothes, but the clothes that are sold in Los Copihues are not the same brands sold at department stores. Most of the merchandise here is not that expensive.

This parsa can be found from Thursday to Sunday. This outdoors market can be reached taking bus number 501 Cerro Placeres to Cerro Playa Ancha.

Shopping in Valparaiso, Chile is a unique experience where you can find distinctive gifts for your friends and relatives or just find something irresistible for you. 

Local Shops

There are very few department stores and hardly any chain stores in Valparaiso, but most of the shops are owned by local people and some may even be small stalls placed out on the street.  Many of these little shops sell handicrafts made by the people in the area and you won’t find anything like them anywhere else.  Shops are generally colorful and even getting to them can be a lesson in Chilean art as the streets are filled to the brim with it.  You are sure to find a great deal of Valparaisian art and handcrafts to last you a life time in town. 


To find the best silver jewelry in town be sure to visit Art in Silver Workshop on Pasage Templeman.  Victor Hugo, a silversmith, makes his own pieces with lapis and silver.  Nearby is another place to purchase jewelry unique to the area at Taller Arte en Plata.  You will find silver necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  Aquamantos is on Almte Montt and you can find accessories including charming bags, sandal, hats, pins and hand made notebooks at inexpensive prices. 


Ripley’s is the only department store in town and you can find it on Condell across from Plaza Victoria.  They sell clothing, housewares, and other items with a food court on the fifth floor. 

Feria de Antiguedades

There is an outdoor market called Feria de Antiguedades on Ave Argentina at Plaza O’Higgins.  This has a flea market atmosphere with a large quantity of antiques being sold. 

Casa Viejo

Casa Viejo is more like an art gallery but you can purchase crafts and art here.  The wares sold are unique to the area and are the delight of tourists.  It is on the corner of Urriola and Templeman.  Nearby is Artesano del Cerro owned by four local artists (Leonardo Alvarez, Hilda Osses, Astrid Ziniga, and Karin Ouiroga).  Clothing is sold here as well as glass, leather, and woven items.  The artists themselves make everything sold in the store.  Don’t miss the little shop that sells natural cosmetics, shampoo, soap and make up made in the store that is right around the corner. 

Valparaiso streets twist and turn like snakes and you are likely to get lost at some time or another.  Each little avenue takes you to a new and interesting little shop and getting lost can be fun.  The only thing is if you see something you like, don’t wait and think you can come back for it.  You many never find that same magical shop again once you leave. 

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Elegant and refined desing in silver inspired by the ethnic cultures of chile.

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