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Punta Arenas, a wind-swept city at the southern tip of South America, has a vast array of interesting gifts and food products that you can take home with you after your adventurous trip in the southern hemisphere. What makes Punta Arenas shopping so entertaining is the fact that the majority of products you can buy are made right in the city. This makes all of your souvenirs even more special and unique. Here are a few of the most original items to shop for during your vacation at the so-called end of the world. You can find most of them in practically any shop or grocery store in the city.

Norweisser Chocolates

This chocolate company was founded in Punta Arenas by Nora Weisser, the granddaughter of German immigrants, in the 1970s. She uses original recipes inspired by the pastry and chocolate recipes found in the old recipe books of her grandparents. The rich fudge squares come in flavors like raisins and rum, mint, cranberry, hazelnut, and coffee, to name a few, while the filled chocolates have dulce de leche, peanut, tirimisu, and marzapan with dried fruit centers. The best chocolates are, by far, the more simple, un-filled variety. They  come in different flavors including almond, walnut, coconut, orange, banana, and rum. Make sure you choose a nice selection of these one-of-a kind chocolates to take home with you, as they are unlike anything you will find in any other location. The company also makes delicious cakes and cookies.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the gorgeous, semi precious stone of Chile. It is deep blue in color with flecks of gold and is often used in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Little carvings made out of lapis lazuli are also very popular, especially those shaped like penguins. You should not just go to any random store to buy this stone, as there are many places that pass off less valuable stones as lapis. Make sure you find a reputable store that specializes in lapis lazuli.

Other Items

Handmade Alpaca wool sweaters, scarfs, mittens, and hats make excellent gifts, as alpaca is warmer than sheep's wool and is hypoallergenic. Chilean wines, which are internationally famous, also make great souvenirs. Try their specialties, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and carmenere. It you prefer beer to wine, take home some Austral. Austral has been making delicious beer in Punta Arenas since 1896, and if you visit the factory, you can check out the beer museum as well.

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