Getting Around in Santiago

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Santiago's public transportation system, called Transantiago, is a large network of buses and subway lines meant to help you get wherever you need to go in the city. Locals often complain about it, because the buses and subway cars get pretty crowded, especially when people are going to or getting out of work. It can also be quite slow if you're trying to get somewhere in a hurry. Buses are usually late as well. However, all in all it's not a bad system compared to a lot of countries; you can get where you need to. Just go to Transantiago's website, type in your location and the location where you want to go, and it will tell you which buses and subways you can take.

Purchasing Transportation

To pay, you can buy an individual ticket , but the easiest and cheapest way is to get a BIP card for $2 USD which you charge with a certain amout of money. When you want to get on the bus or subway, you just pass the card across a scanner and the money is subtracted automatically. One trip, which can consist of two bus rides and a subway ride, costs an average of $1, but the prices change throughout the day depending on whether or not it's rush hour.


Apart from Transantiago, there are also plenty of taxis. Obviously they cost much more than public transportation, but if you're in a hurry, they are your best option. Waving them down is not difficult, just be sure to watch the timer in the front of the taxi to make sure the driver doesn't charge you more just for being a foreigner.

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