Nightlife and Entertainment in Chile

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Punta Arenas nightlife, like nightlife in most parts of South America, starts late in the evening. This popular tourist destination in the southern part of Chile offers several places to enjoy local nightlife, but be prepared to start the evening later than at home and to stay out until the sun comes out in the morning.

Chileans begin their evening out with a late dinner, and restaurants often begin to fill up when it gets dark: around 10 to 11 at night. Many local clubs do not even open until well after midnight, and this means that people stay out partying until the early hours of the morning.

Dining Out

If you want to do as the local residents do, start your evening with a late dinner in one of the restaurants. The restaurants in Punta Arenas serve some delicious seafood, and local specialties include the centolla, or king crab. You can wash your dinner down with some Chilean wine or enjoy a cold beer. Most of the restaurants have a good selection of seafood to sample and if you fancy a change, there are some excellent steaks on the menu here, too.

La Luna (O'Higgins 1017) has a reputation as one of the best restaurants in town. El Mercado (Mejicana 617) offers food around-the-clock and serves good seafood for both lunch and for dinner. Sotito's Bar (O'Higgins 1138) offers seafood and meat dishes and is very busy, especially during weekends. La Tasca (Plaza Muñoz Gamero 771) serves local specialties in a pretty atmosphere with good tables for people-watching on the second floor.

Bars and Clubs

After your seafood meal, head for an after-dinner drink to one of the many bars in town. Pub 1900 in the Hotel Tierra del Fuego is a popular destination to have a few drinks or coffees. Another good place for a drink or two is La Taberna del Club de la Unión (Plaza Muñoz Gamero 716), located in the basement of the Palacio Sara Braun. Pub Olijoe (Errázuriz 970) is one of the favorite local places to hang out and it serves drinks and snacks, including pizzas.

And if you feel that after dinner and drinks it is time to party, head to the Discotheque Kamikaze (Bories 655), one of the best clubs in town and always popular with locals and visitors. Remember that many clubs in Punta Arenas open their doors after midnight and stay open until the morning.


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