Day Trips in Chile

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Undertaking Punta Arenas day trips is a recommended way of exploring the southernmost city of our planet—Punta Arenas. Located near the Straits of Magellan, on the edge of the world’s busiest trade routes, Punta Arenas is an integral part of Chile's commercial and cultural reserves. Planning several day trips is a great way to explore the intermingling of cultures that is prevalent in a city that was once occupied by Portuguese sailors. The trips described below include some of the areas best natural and cultural offerings.

Otway Sound—Chile Penguin Sanctuary

While neighboring areas also host migratory flocks of penguins, Punta Arenas seems to be their perennial residence. The best place to observe the local penguin species is the Otway Sound. Few locations in the world have such large colonies of penguins, especially the mighty Magellan Penguins. While penguin populations are at their peak from November to March, you can spot penguins at almost any time of the year. This  penguin sanctuary is located about 65 km from Punta Arenas. Plan to undertake a 2-km hike for the best views of nesting penguins.

Nearby Towns—Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas

Visitors in Punta Arenas can choose from various packaged tours to the nearby towns. Recommended day-long trips include visits to Perto Montt and Puerto Varas, which have recently begun to attract the attention of tourists. These small townships give some insight into the relaxed lifestyles of the countryside residents. Puerto Varas was founded by German immigrants. Visiting this town entails encircling the outer edge of the Osorno Volcano. Visitors can later head towards the Pelluco beach or visit the nearby, Agelmo village. Small hills like the Phillipi Hill provide excellent hiking opportunities. Puerto Montt is the more commercialized of the towns but still looks like a colonial-era village. Popular locations here include the Tenglo Canal and the woodwork market of Angelmo village.

Tortuga Island

Most of the packaged tours to Tortuga are 8- to 10-hour excursions that allow enough time to undertake a walking tour or a canopy tour. Visitors also have the choice of exploring the wilder, lesser-explored side of the Tortuga Islands through the nature walking tours. Other popular activities include kayaking and snorkeling. Those who like cruising can cruise along the Gulf of Nicoya, en route to Tortuga Island. The best way to end a day trip to Tortuga is to relax on the sandy beaches and feast upon the native fruits. The beach overlooks the archipelago that is home to many types of rare, sea-birds.

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Andes & hot springs

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To experience the vastness, beauty of the incredible landscape and calmness of the Andes you can join a daytrip to the mountain range.

A van takes you on lonely roads right into the heart of the Andes(up to 3000 m.a.s.l.)

After a 45 minute guided walk you reach absolutely natural hot springs. On the way, one experiences contact to flora and fauna like minerals and lamas. Besides, the trip includes lunch in a rustic outdoor dining room. The tour starts in the morning, during approximately 9 hours.

The daytrip parts and can be booked at a tourism agency called more..

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