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Chile is a long, skinny country that hugs the Pacific Ocean. Its huge coastline is made up of a large number of beaches, from rocky beaches with rough waters, to smooth, sandy beaches sloping into warm, calm water. Chile beaches are very diverse. In the north the beaches are affected by the Humboldt current which creates dangerous riptides and chilly waters. In the central regions of Chile, the beaches are similar to those on the central coast of California. In southern Chile, the deep blue water that washes up on the shore is often adorned with crystals of ice.

Central Beaches

These beaches are by far the most popular in Chile, as the majority of Chile's population lives in Santiago, and the central beaches are very easy to get to from the capital. Viña del Mar gets extremely crowded in the summer. It is a ritzy beach lined with classy hotels and apartment buildings. There is also a casino nearby. There are lifeguards on duty during the day, and vendors walk along the beach selling ice cream and other sweet treats. Lounge chairs can be rented and there is a nice market along the shore selling cheap souvenirs and crafts. Other popular beaches in the central zone include Reñaca, a luxurious beach perfect for surfing, and Concon, a fun beach where you can jump in the waves and sunbathe.

Northern Beaches

When Viña del Mar gets too crowded, heading north is a great option. Most go to La Serena, which gets more and more popular every season. It is an excellent surfing location and has lounge chairs and lifeguards. A variety of restaurants, specifically seafood restaurants, line the shore. Antofagasta has nice beaches for surfing and windsurfing, although the water is cold can get quite rough. Despite being in the north, Arica's beaches boast fine, white sand that slopes into warm, clear water.

Chile's Lakes

The great beaches of Chile are not just limited to those on the Pacific coast. There are many lakes sprinkled throughout the country as well that have picturesque, sandy beaches that can rival even the coastal beaches. El Lago Llanquihue, for example, is a large lake in the tenth region of Chile that is surrounded by both peaceful, sandy beaches and rocky shores. The view of the majestic Volcano Osorno with its pure white snow cap and perfect shape makes these Chile beaches even more magical.


There are long beaches north of Valparaiso in the city of Viña del mar and further north to Concon, a resort for weekend visitors of Santiago. There are also steep sand dunes which turn red during sunset. Nice for taking picures. 


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