Bars and Cafes in Chile

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There are many Punta Arenas bars and cafes that you can enjoy on your trip to the city in Chile. There are a variety of different drinks and foods that you can try and enjoy while you are in the city.

La Marmita

This bar and café offers great items, including specialty drinks that have great prices. There are light meals and dinner choices available to enjoy while you are sipping on your favorite cocktails. There is seafood available and many other light items that you can enjoy while you relax and enjoy the culture.

Solito’s Bar

This bar and restaurant offers a variety of the best in local produce and choices from the vineyards. The atmosphere offers subdued lighting, and there are a lot of great choices in drinks and cuisine. The bar is located near the water and offers a unique way to enjoy the Punta Arenas bars and cafes in the city. There are many different cocktails to try while admiring the views and the atmosphere at the bar.

Pub Olijoe

The Pub Olijoe is a two floor bar that is themed like an upscale English pub. There are drinks and specials available at average prices and many choices on tap. There is also music and entertainment that you can enjoy in the bar, and different floors are available to either listen to the music or relax and eat. Pizza and light snacks are also served.

The Santino Bar - Resto

The Santino Bar is downtown and offers many cocktails to choose from and unique drinks that are fun to try out. There are also food items available, including crepes and pizzas, and specialty drink choices that are locally created, making this bar one of the Punta Arenas bars and cafes that you should go to while you are traveling in the city.

Taberna Club de la Union

The Taberna Club de la Union offers a pub feel and there are many hidden rooms that have pictures of the area and many unique things to see in the bar. The bar also offers a variety of drinks to choose from, and you can enjoy the jazz music that plays while you sip your favorite cocktail. There are also many items to choose on the menu including sandwiches, fajitas, Carpaccio and pizza that are available.

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