When to Go in Sao Paulo

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Though the seasons in Sao Paulo can all blur together, overall the mild tropical climate of the city is quite pleasant year round. Mimicking the climate of Rio, most days in Sao Paulo are perfect for relaxing on the beach with mild, dry air that hovers around 80 degrees.

Sao Paulo Weather

Sao Paulo is situated inland and therefore has many of the weather characteristics of southern Brazil. It stays mild and dry throughout much of the year. Winter here runs from June to August, and temperatures range from 55 degrees to 75 degrees during this time. Spring begins in September and lasts through November and during this time, the weather becomes increasingly warmer with consistent sun.

The summer months of October through February bring the warmest weather of the year, but still generally fail to surpass 85 degrees. There is substantial humidity at this time, making it feel much hotter. The tropical climate is most evident at this time during infrequent flash downpours. March through June is fall in Sao Paulo, when temperatures hover around the low 60s and rain and drizzle is a mainstay.

It's recommended to visit Sao Paulo from September through March, during either spring or summer. However, for visitors from cooler climates, the winter and fall may be enjoyable as well.

Sao Paulo Events

Rio is well known for its popular Carnival parade, but Sao Paulo also hosts their own Carnival parade that draws thousands of visitors each year. Taking place in the week leading up to Lent, the Carnival parade in Sao Paulo sets off a season of festivals and events that make Sao Paulo a premiere vacation destination for international and domestic visitors.

The tourist season in Sao Paulo generally runs from April to December, which also coincides with most of the largest cultural events in the city, including film, music and fashion events. While anytime in Sao Paulo is great for bars, clubs, shopping and nightlife, these cooler months prove to be the best for those travelers wishing to explore the events and festivals available in Sao Paulo.

If you'll be visiting Sao Paulo during one of its many festivals, be sure to book accommodations well in advance, as much of the budget and high end lodging becomes very full or sold out during this time.

With great weather and plenty of festivals to keep you busy when you visit Sao Paulo, there is no reason to put off your trip another year. Plan your trip and enjoy the cool, tropical climate and laid back atmosphere of Sao Paulo.

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